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“Regards to Mayour Chernovetsky for caring homeless animals”

It appears our mayor has always been grateful foreign partners with which they have managed to share the rewards and have not omited to mention exceptional humanity and sensitivity of the Kyiv City authorities in relation to homeless animals.

And what is with this organization like?

Former Deutschen Tierhilfswerk eV in München (DTHW), already known by a number of corruption scandals at their homeland:

Connect about 220 members with sect “Fiat Lux”

(Ideology, something like religious “White Brotherhood”: )

One of the strategic partners – Princess Begum Inaara Aga Khan (the former Gabriele Thissen) heads established in 2003 international charity organization “SOS-projects” (”for help animals and humans”).

Recently one of the Aga Khan – Catherine (Catherine Beriketti before marriage with Sadruddin) wrote a letter to the Ministry of Nature, that became one of the features of the campaign, officially launched in February 2010. While the same campaign, due to the development and dissemination of public opinion, have started in 2008 in Ukraime as antizoocidical (”stop zoocide”), in the West countries in 2009 it acquired the character of anti-Ukrainian (”stop Ukraine!”):


In 2006 “DTHW” by analogy with our domestic “Animals in the City” (AIC) this company divided into several branches and changes its name, but
so far most of the information concerning the collection and use of membership fees remain a commercial secret:

One of the former partners DTHW – Christian Janatsch who in 2002 already was under investigation with arrest and of bank accounts:, also recently received awards from the Kiev authorities – April 15, 2009. Mr. Janatsch’s organization supports Zoo, that in conjunction with “legislative contact” conjures up memories about memorable Mrs. Berzina, who at the time of association in Dyvnych’s group performed cynologist instructor in dog fighs and was distinguished by theft of funds as an accountant in Dog Training Club.

We remember him for, by his words, “during 12 years visited Kyiv” (that is not surprisingly, as his wife – Ukrainian), “but nothing had changed”. In 1998 he showed to our officials and international public secret video of dog fights, and in 2006-2008 – scenes of brutality in Borodyanka shelter (and it was good that they were impressed, because the main municipal vet-doctor eventually for the first time visited Borodyanka later).

At August 19 2009 (after 4 months – approx.) Mr. Janatsch disclaims awards of Kiev authorities in response to reluctance of Irena Kilchytska to satisfy his request (in a letter 20.04.2009) -about discharging two coordinators of Kiev sterilization programs (failed by Kiev City Administraion) – Mrs. Lyudmila Kachurova, Chief Department of Health and Medical Care in Kiev and Mrs. Svetlana Berzina, Kyiv zoo director. Against the last had already been started extensive information campaign in local and foreign media.

Interesting fact that Kyiv zoo was excepted from the EAZA relatively recently (September 2007), but animal welfare conditions are blamed to the new director (as though during the decade of membership in EAZA those conditions have satisfied someone?), appointed by order of the Kyiv Mayor at 21.02.2008.

In the time of past director, when the zoo was subordinated to the Department of Trade and domestic, were discovered and published many outrage facts and treatment with animals and zoo’s property (many photos and attractions near the enclosures – just from those times), that caused the Romash’s (previous director – approx.) resignation.

Does not it reminds  Borodyanka’s history where foreign experts were also not observed positive – for the first time in 10 years (!),- changes in shelter (any at all, at the same time system of money laundering and diversion of management of property was saved), while due to the efforts of foreign coalition the new director was dismissed and person that “meets all the requirements” was appointed:

As it appears from grateful letters of Mr. Christian Janatsch (2009.04.20 ), Holger Knieling (2009.06.02 ) and messages of John Ruane (April 2009) – they are fully satisfied of new director.

Notably, for the YEAR of its activity new director was not expressed any claim, while the official SOS statements, expressing dissatisfaction with the new administration, emerged in March 2010th:

and even earlier, about “keeping animals in concetrate-camp conditions in Communal utility “Shelter for Animals” was announced on 07.05.2009, in the report of Commission of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine for investigation the infringement of the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, making illegal decisions by officials of the Kiev city council and its executive body, which also left aside honorary animal protect societies and their websites.

Does it mean that international organizations (except unexpectedly noble Cristian Janatsch) just do not want to break away friendly connections with Kyiv City Administration or just uninformed about events in faraway “East Indies” – Ukraine?

From time to time reprintings of Ukrainian news about the horrible events in Lugansk (December 2009), about Kiev zoo (October 2009), about total extermination of the animals on the eve of Euro-2012 (letters to presidential candidate Viktor Yanukovich, then Prime Minister Y . Timoshenko, Minister of Environment M. Movchan) with particular reference to their informed representative – Tamara Tarnawska are appeared. In the same time there is nothing there about city sterilization program (held from September 2007 and unfunded by city authorities) and about the new director (despite latest five meetings against the poisoning on 2009 and on two of them with mentioning Olga Drozdova).

Are they indeed following “blind” and have no idea what’s happening???

But in official relations is not taken to betray the foreign partners, so they would never allow disturb warm friendly relations, especially if there is a possibility of opening several new shelters for “rescue” the situation on the eve of Euro-2012.

The initiative is already taken in the municipality: ,

just it is not enough money to build 10 shelters, according to the City sterelization program in 2008th.

Maybe foreign colleagues would help us? Because right animal – this is important, especially in terms of allocation of funds: ,

especially if no one is counting them: ,

especially if poisoned and shooted already counted generations:

In order to “knock down” the real statistics and reduce it to a mythical “crowds and troops” that pose a threat to citizens, and which just needed be put in shelters, for that is madly lack of money”.

So, will the Germans save the Country?

Option is spooky, but for common man looks quite acceptable: everything “as in Europe”, animals are living in shelters, streets are clean, children are happy, grandmother are fed, dog-owners walk strictly by walking areas, and the “threat” of cat-owners warned by relevant signs (as Mrs. Berzina proposed).

After the “forced” incredible cruelty – war against Nature and all who care (which is heated in a planned society split by numerous articles and media animal so that lovers are confrontated with animal-haters) suddenly switch to a” more humane rules “: rules about peace and order, animals, both sterilized and unsterilized are taken away into shelters, public volunteer organizations are replacing with “Animal rescue service” (provided by Borodyanka) – which may remove any unwanted animal from it’s owner with a  neighbor’s call, in order to (after keeping some time in the budget-supported municipal shelter) just put it down (which corresponds practice RSPCA, which at it’s homeland considered as inadequate ), and for those who remember the story of stolen 12.3 million hryvnas would be builded a cemetery, which entrance which will became paid soon, as it is in our Mayor’s tradition (as utilization is a very profitable thing to not make a profit on it, too, as Mr. Smurniy noted before).

Is problem solved? Can we thank the mayor that he “saved” all alien and citizens from dogs?

But is the problem solved in Europe?

According to data experts WSPA annually in England each year euthanized 10-16 thousand animals, in America – 3-5 million, and German public and community shelters are all filled… Experts note they regulated the number of homeless animals in the streets mostly by the method of euthanasia only, but emphasize the exceptional efficiency and humanity of this method. With all the “humaniy” cathing services annually caught the constant number of animals (cats and dogs) each year, most of whom – former home. If the animal is not adopted usually in 5-day period, it is euthanased, even if the animal has already been pre-treated and sterilized (with a live experience of our volunteers in conversation with employees of municipal shelter in Washington, known to us with “Animal cops” series).

One question is appeared: if euthanasia is so ineffective in regulating the number of homeless (as animals are born, sold and find themselves on the street, as animals caugh and killed sterilization in most applies to home animals, and at best – on population of street cats), why so many funds allocated every year on Programs for the regulation of the number of animals in euthanasia way? – But more about that is later.

Significant progress in humane regulation achieved only countries where the government introduced Programs sterilization and strict legal prohibition of cruelty to animals (in Poland it is prisoning up to 15 years for killing a dog). That is, the animals stop consider man as kind, which constitutes a danger for the population, and therefore no need to save themselves the only way acceptable to wildlife – reproduction (this pattern is valid with respect to both animals and people, which was seen by the examples of growth populations after the war, epidemics or climatic disasters). Nature itself is able to adjust themselves: if the density of filling one type of environment than optimal rules apply “sanctions”: epidemic viruses or females reduce or completely stop the birth (for example, laboratory research of L. Brereton on  populations of hare, mouse and beetle). That is, animal’s population mechanism is able to inhibit reproductive function, and vice versa, “turns” her place in the environment if released.

A number of successful measures to increase the number of homeless animals provided:

– the financing MP Shelter for Animals in 2008-2009 is stopped, dog-cathers complain about the lack of fuel for going to order the NGOs and volunteers.

– communal veterinary clinic in Troeschina that had used to sterelization of free almost stops its work.

– Abolished mandatory licensing of private entrepreneurs for breeding of domestic animals (dogs, cats and other animals) in breeding nurseries (item number memory 9 1759 “On amending some laws of Ukraine on simplification of business conditions in Ukraine”, approved by 15.12. 09), i.e., “Be fruitful and increase in number“, which in theory can lead to unscrupulous owners appearing on the streets homeless puppies and kittens – as the product failed crossing and business animal-breeders” (those that hold thoroughbred only as an object of offspring).

– Later, after the appointment of a new “European” director “outside eyes” of workers in the shelter are exempted from office, and all activity is declared closed ” commercial information “.

– Add more money in the treasury as expense of exterminated sterilized animals (licensing and advertising on Call-center of Kyiv City Administration for “poisoning” companies), “money- laundering ” – redirect funds that had to go for sterilization, in for the municipal elections in 2008.

And as a consequence – the “explosion” of population in 1-2 years due to release the natural environment – in that place where animal-carers previously sterilized animals were will come animals from the suburbs and non-socialized and it will be necessary to sterilize them yet – or, at the “compromise” – put in shelters, which Kyiv on the eve of Euro 2012 will needs an entire network – so that after the Euro again in 1-2 years a new population will “exploded”.

That is, the situation in the years 2013-2014 will remain the same as before, just every district will have its “Borodyanka (for money laundering) and 1-2 international shelters on the edge (for” accountability “), which is easily allow at first to reward each other “for progress” and then to criticize power “we tried, but you could not nothing “, above all the more power in Kiev at that time had changed.

And since we do not have shelters dimensionless, we will back again to the long-awaited European experience – to euthanasia.

The issue of euthanasia we already raised at the Cabinet 2009.04.06, but met with disagreement from animal-protectors (which tactically they were “merged” information tactically information were “merged” to them to verify its reaction) – since that time the question is no longer, but they resorted to tactics of “heat of conflict a society” by algorithm:

“divide and conquer!”

To the citizens impoverished and humilated by “social reforms” and  into  the bargain to the general nervous bouquet are added the following:

1). “bites by aggressive hordes” (statistics of the bites at home at 90% added to the statistics bites by homeless animals and calculated as total),

2). “bited kids” (according to official statistics – 16 cases per year, but the media given effect as “thousands”),

3). rumors about “journalist bited to death ” (still no one called the press-service Communal utility “Shelter for animals” to account for the distribution of false statements about the death of a journalist because bites – ин“sterilized dogs in the red collars” that was the ground for to officially closе the criminal case of murder of the person by MIA (Ministry of Internal Affairs – approx.) ,

4). and, in general, rabies (all animals – street and recognized as potentially good-for-nothing , that is a practice the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Kyiv for last 15 years).

It is known that to the practice of euthanasia it planned to return in the second capital of Ukraine – in Kharkov. Such an “Animal zoorealistic protectors”, with similar to Kiev Center Identification postcards of zoofobia content (even the same color spectrum) promote devision all not indifferent people into “radicals”( inadequate) and “realists” (very appropriate) and will continue to cooperate and conduct negotiations only with the latest.

What’s the appeal of such an experience?

in the West every year a large budget is spent on procurement of hypnotic drugs, mainly – penobarbitol (fenobarbital, luminal, nembutal), which operates in small doses as a drug and is a list of psychotropic substances subject to special scrutiny by the legislation of Ukraine. Moreover, animals are taken down not not only by municipal shelters, funded by the state, but also by "grant" major International animalcare organizatios, such as PETA, RSPCA, HSUS.

The question is: if you want need so much euthanasions annually, in this case how is realised the drug, if it’s well knowing that small facts of abuse are taking place: ,

For it seems that similar this practice – is the main purpose of existing of “borodyankas” and her similar “concetration camps”: discarding of ketamine and barbiturate drugs (which is much more expensive than the same discarding of forage, medicines, detergents and inventory to care for animals).  Not the fact that such is practice is used in zoos.

brief retreat (about us, folks):

Now in the EU the idea of euthanasia of legalization for people who are unable to live is actively exaggerated. Several Labour MPs of UK has made a suggestion of lobbying of similar ideas (the same reason – of benefit considerations), and human rights activists point to possible abuses. These amendments also are adopted to legislation to of Holland, while as the result is likely drug mafia will increase drug and volumes of drugs, which are largely legalized, will expanded.

Conspicuously, the idea of “indiscriminate euthanasia” in the West were at first tested on pets-companions of human – cats and dogs, as well as idea of mass vaccination, chipization and what we have in our spaces – communal tariffs fixed illegal.

No wonder would be, if our “outer mayor” will will speak in support of a proposal to improve conditions of sending “to the next world, especially taking into consideration that in the U.S. this service costs “just nothing” – 3000 euros.

Thus, the value of life turns easily modified into onto the value of “decent” departure to death.

Known facts which are simply not fit to human understanding – while volunteers brought stern (shelter was supplied under the budget bill by cereals which were not enough that the dog would felt healthy and happy) and drugs, long-term shelter workers intentionally starved  animals, ignored – did not provide timely veterinary assistance to sicks, and then didn’t allow volunteers to the fallen dead animals and even arranged for them fighting (!):

In all official statements stressed that during the 2003-2007 at least 13-16 thousand of animals (dogs and cats) were captured and killed in the shelter.

While as the volunteers that from 2006 to 2010 actively visited Borodyanka and potential spaces of capture for 3-5 days before cathing squad departure and saved animals (by order of the Kiev city government 5 public organizations were allowed to information about submitted catch, it was done after routine “incursion” of international organizations, which in 2005 showed routing video “about Ukraine and it’s animals“. At the same time when Mrs.Drozdova was designated on its position citizen in January 2009, any submission of information about the goals and places of capture was terminated), from there they never counted on more then 2000 cats and dogs hold in shelter per year. This fact can be explained: for the average man or journalist gets to the shelter two times a year, all dogs look like on one jaw, and much more difficult to count them – by mid-2007 young specimens were kept in aviary with adult crossed through holes in the walls to other enclosures. Also until 2008 operated the cat’s capture, in which also was found phishing substitution of data: by using the old tables with the name-characteristics of animals (many people who remember that follow to the wave of reforms in 2007, Vice Mayor Mrs.Irena Kilchitskaya made a proposal to establish a extraction place in Borodyanka for wildlife animals, taken from street photographers, at least apery, due to have additionally possibility to write off  funds for euthanasia), because this amount is much more higher then it’s necessary for Kyiv and region – even given into consideration that catcher of “Shelter for animals” often catch “extra” out of place of order and received a premium for that, and also Borodyanka received- its profit via additional registration (even if the animal has died or its age is only a few weeks of her kind – small specimens are counted as adults).

Widely announced “30-40 thousand” – is the number that, as supposed, should have naturally formed due to insufficient financing program in 2008, while at all times natural number of homelles dogs maintained in Kiev never exceeded 3.000-5.000 dogs (totally along with cats – 6.000-7.000), most of them – migratory ones.

I wish you understood that we are not talking about the area “home pets”, but about at the market associated with the drug traffic and a puplic mind control (and animals are exactly every one of mentioned factors) and in this situation both pets and homeless strays are just “small change”, the endless easily accessible resource like woodworking or meat-producing industry. With only one difference that animal-companions (human’s friends for more than 12.000 years) fictitiously are “protected” and “beloved” but by  their “processing of” money-laundering is doing, tranquilizers are buying and spiking fear into citizens  and clouding their  mind by artificial problems which are created indeed by power (in the same way artificial as the latest epidemic of influenza): bites, “rabies”,  municipal accounting-registration and of all types and of collecting money from population.

Now changes to legislation are planned – amendment to the Law on protection of animals from cruelty are lobbied, among them there is one that will allow the illegal removal of animals – “violation of antiepizootic, veterinary-sanitary and quarantine rules and regulations and will cancels any Ukrainian animal protection movement as such.

“Article 35. The violation of the law in protecting animals from cruelty are is natural and legal persons guilty of:
- Violating of antiepizootic, veterinary and sanitary, quarantine rules and regulations;
- Abuse of the animals during the entertainment or sports activities, including animals fights or their elements, and other events that cause suffering, injury, disability or death of animals;
- Non-fulfillment of legal requirements that regulate the protection of animals from cruelty.
- Violation of legislation of protecting animals from abuse entails administrative, civil or criminal liability according to law.
- It can be stated responsibility for other violations of legislation protecting animals from cruelty by Law.
- Natural and legal persons are obliged to compensate damage caused them due to their violations of legislation of protecting animals from cruelty, in the manner and extent established by law “.

* vetoed 11/02/2010 by last President and canceled 13/05/2010 for inability to exceed the veto. Deputies of Supreme Council of Ukraine voted 0% for it,- approx.

That considered: all manifestations of cruelty to animals, except for sports and entertainments “cease to consider cruel, instead potentially everyone who expresses any disobedience to some “Animal Center for Identification” could be defined as “administrative, civil or criminal responsible”.

A similar attempt was available in 2006, when instead of the current edition of the Law on protection of animals from cruelty “in the last Supreme Soviet reading replaced version was almost passed, which distributed rules and regulations similar to the rules of Kiev “Center of Animal Indification” throughout Ukraine.-

Most rules “Rules for keeping dogs and cats” , adopted in 2007, were substantially enhanced version of the rules approved by the Kiev City Council number 1372 from 08/09/1997 in order of detention and treatment of domestic and other animals in Kiev, promoted by “Animals in the city” in the 1998th (and the same logo – the old posters about rabies can discern familiar “Animals in the City”), which has long been illegal, and all proved:

The conclusion of the Ministry of Justice

Temnenko Alexey – Communal Entrepreneurship

Valery Lopate – “You and the dog ” magazine -Utility lawlessness

Recall only that the regulations that have not passed state registration and legal expertise in judicial authorities to comply with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine may not be valid and if they detect immediately must be lifted (quote – “Legal Week” № 12-13 of March 23, 2010).

Three Conclusions


It turns out that “Europeannessour government and utility companies encouraged more distant 1998th: when keeping animals in shelter of “Animals in city” devour each other and “euthanased” with cruel methods in order to steal the budget funds for their maintenance. Even the most “Animals in the City” and later formed “Animal Identification Center” and Communal enterprise “Shelter for Animals” (the original organization – “AIC” of Samofalova has not still legalistically canceled – and its annual maintenance funds allocated 5% of tax of “Animal Identification Center”) was created for the European model, combined with our, purely mental, abuse. Here it also resulted in a muddy mix that the situation has degraded to 1998th (when Drozdova has actually equate to Samofalova), unexpectedly showed its true face.

As they say, history can be endlessly long drown in the mire and turn into a farce, but sooner or later TRUTH would be recovered – because it is the Essence.

/To the present days /

Interestingly, the public Commission at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, intended to adjust domestic legislation in the treatment of animals and to develop regulations for their use, was terminated the same April 2009th (last congress – 04/04/2009), the month marked the beginning attention to foreign animal protect activists, not only by official international, but also with rare and unformal, who cares what happens in far-distant Ukraine with far away animals, for which the local “enthusiasts” have invented mobile incinerator:

Once horror World War II led to think rest of humanity, which in 30th years of XX century were not in better condition – a great depression, war and spy wars, fashion for full-scale militarization, which were reflected in the relevant sociological theories and concepts of race. But even in chaos of those times world still discovered ideals of Humanity, and perhaps thanks to through such “reserves” many people were able to survive in times of war.


What will happen next – whether the situation “for the regulation and treatment” will given at the mercy of this new “East Indian” companies, where aboriginals are replaced with dogs, opium – with euthanasia, and the role of Nizams played by our lovely local authorities of Kiev city, who had already reported about successful cooperation with foreign partners – we’ll see soon.

Reminding, Ukraine takes guests from around the world on December 2012, but the championship is not the target itself, but verification.

Will the authorities and ukranian citizens themselves show worthy example in position to one another and with our smaller brothers (as animals are called) – or will we go back to false and farce – depends on us, from everyone of us.

There is a time for ukrainian citizens to rule on their own land.

And all we need is to just unite all who indifferent.

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