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September 10, 2010 animal protectors picketed the municipality and the Kiev city state administration. The purpose of picketing - to force city authorities to refuse their plans about  "purge" the city of homeless animals with barbaric methods implemented by the eve of Euro 2012 and take to the inculcation of animal protectors alternative program that takes into account the positive experience of a civilized solution to the problem and does not require additional budget expenditures.

Publicity declared intention to hold a series of mass actions to implement their proposals and in this way to stop the drift the capital of Ukraine to the medieval massacres and assassinations, which cover banal theft of budget aimed at solving this painful social problem.

Due to look civilized, in the end of 2007 the city authorities adopted new rules for keeping dogs and cats in Kiev and the Program of reducing homeless animal humane methods. The program included catching and mass sterilization of stray animals, followed by returning to their places of residence (GSP method - "catching-sterilize-return"). In this way the numbers of animals in Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Malta, Serbia, some regions of Italy and Spain are regulated. In all these countries the number of homeless animals either
decreases or remains constant at a relatively low level.

n other European countries catched animals are kept in shelters with followed adoption. The European experience shows then art places where people resort to their destruction, the number of homeless animals is not educed (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine). In those places where euthanasia of healthy and non-aggressive animals is prohibited by law (Germany, Italy, Greece) problems of homeless animals either does not exist (Germany), or they gradually settled. Even countries where the law allows euthanasia (humane death but not cruel extermination with the suffering and pain!) of healthy animals which for a long time have not found a masters (Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, some other ), as a rule, do not use this practice (except England, where there are 1000 per year - healthy dogs in the country are put to sleep via euthanasia). In most of these countries all the homeless animals new owners are found.

An effective solution to this problem is prevention measures to replenish the number of homeless due to birth control and the implementation of proprietary animal.

Kyiv city authorities adopted program included some of these measures. However, by the efforts of the Kiev city officials program was defeated: there was no neither mass capture and sterilization nor the introduction of birth control animals that have owners. Such control is a prerequisite for the effectiveness of reducing the number of animals on the streets as homeless by updating Army, mainly because of the  newborn puppies and kittens born at home and thrown on the street. In this direction there were no steps done in this direction yet, although the program was allocated more funds. Thus the number of animals on the streets continues to rise.

With the approach of Euro 2012 local government is getting more comes to others brutal, methods of solving problems those are scaring the civilized world. The brutal and illegal destruction of animals in the capital have gained an epidemic scale. The practice of poisoning domestic animals are also have been poisoned and human children have a risk to be poisoned too, shooting, burning or beating to death. And purposefully destroyed socialized animals also which are already under care – have already healed from diseases, vaccinated and sterilized by volunteers at their own expense. At place of destroyed socially safe and healthy animals aggressive patients from the suburbs and the area are come. The situation in the city is inexorably deteriorating. And the reason of it is not implementation of the Program (as officials try to prove it), but its sabotage! A great deal of money of the Kiev citizants who are the taxpayers, expended by power for cruelty appears to wind throw or stolen.

This situation is extremely negative impact on foreign policy and image of our country. Currently, influential international organizations report that in case our country does not undertake appropriate steps to ensure the humanization of society and protect animals from cruelty, the radical measures of influence will be applied to us. The appeales to the Ukrainian authorities are signatured of people who are known and respected in the world - Schumacher brothers, Brigitte Bardot, Vladimir Klitschko. Famous athletes, politicians and journalists advocated in Defense of Animals. They can be understood. The civilized world has came to conclusion long time ago: civilized relevance to humans as living beings is impossible in that society where rights for life without pain and suffering are not respected concerning living beings.

The suffering of homeless animals cause to mental anguish of a wide range of citizens of Ukraine, especially children who are witnessing the cruelty to animals, and often themselves become affected - when their pets are destroying.

Animal protector's program provides the following urgent measures:

- Restore public control provided by law and Program over activities of local authorities in this field (catching, holding, placing and returning of homeless animals on their location);

- Introduce clear mechanisms for implementing a comprehensive control over sources of replenishment of stray animals on the requirements under the Law of Ukraine "On protection of animals from cruelty” and animal welfare rules in Kiev.

Among them:

- To implement the city program of registration and identification of pets provided by the program and the law, but however, have not implemented;

- Introduce a system of privileges and incentives for owners of pets that make them sterile;

- Part of funds from the city budget, which is now used for destroying of animals, direct to privileged and free of charge sterilization of proprietary pets belonging to pensioners and the poor

- To develop measures for sterilization of proprietary animal in the context of practices in the veterinary schools

- Introduce provided by laws control over the sale of pets on the market, known as "Birdy/Ptichka" (sales tax, veterinary control and sale exclusively by availability of  information about health and vaccination records.

- Reorient the activities of asylum "Borodyanka" from the destruction of animals to their socialization and placing, including - to simplify the procedure for obtaining animals from shelters by the citizens.

- To provide re-orientation of Expenses of city budget from the destruction of animals to partial funding of existing shelters held by public organizations;

- Immediately stop the capture and destruction of stray animals until the implementation of these requirements.

Capital of one of the largest European countries should not turn into torture chambers – animal protectors called and offer to connect their voice for those who are not indifferent to the suffering of others. Slogan of conducted picketing: "Do You harassed of swarms of homeless dogs on the streets? Then we are associates and our goal is mutual!"

author - Tetyana Metellowa

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